During my two years in sunny Malaga, I got to know many wonderful people, collected delicious tastes and unforgettable moments. Now I am back in my home country, to start a new exciting project…With my background and knowledge of French and Spanish cuisine now I am searching, cooking and baking my mother’s and grandmother’s old recipes and discovering the traditions of my half-Hungarian, half-German origins. In the meantime we are renovating our little countryside house step by step in the village where my grandmother was born. There is a looooot of work to do, but I am sure we will have a lot of fun (even if at some moments we will wish to be in a five-star hotel drinking champagne and not thinking about electricity, bricks and roof) The old fruit trees need love and care, the garden has to be filled with life, the vegetable garden needs to be set up to serve us with fresh vegetables every season. Áron, my boyfriend is responsible for the technical matters, I am in charge of the food section, Beeper, our dog, is doing her very best in her job: making a mess, putting her toys around every corner, digging the garden, reblog.… I would like to guide you through beautiful Hungarian landscapes while we will be cooking, eating, chatting and laughing a lot which are for me the essence of life.

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